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the Passages Inn

Where there's always one more room.

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Name:The Passages Inn
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The Passages Inn

There are Inns out there that exist between worlds and dimensions. They show up just when you need a place to stay, your car having stalled out a mile away or the unexpected rainstorm suddenly starts dropping torrents of water. Or sometimes you’re wandering around the streets in a city and need a place to stay and you spot the door to this Inn which looks friendly and inviting. Going in, things are just a bit off. The patrons are perhaps not quite human; the man behind the desk smiles a bit oddly. However he tells you that you’re in luck. There’s just one room left and you can have it.

But, when you leave the next morning and turn around to see what it’s called, the inn is gone. When you ask people about it, they look at you funny as if they have no idea what you’re talking about. There was never an inn there, they tell you.

And yet you may still have the key in your pocket, the leftover from dinner, a note from a girl you spoke to, just some little token that says well, maybe you’re not completely crazy.

The Passages Inn is one of those Inns.

Built in the middle of an interdimensional nexus it can reach any time or place or space. You just need to find the door and you can come in. If you’re lucky you can find the door again.

Just remember, first Tuesdays are Viking Night and second Thursdays are Poetry Slam.

The proprietor of the Inn is Alec Troven [personal profile] the_innkeeper All questions and concerns may be addressed to him.

Game: Premise | FAQ | Rules | Aspects | OOC Community
Players: Application | Reserves | Taken | Test Drive
Setting: Staff | Locations | Disclaimer | Inn Policies

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